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I have been in the helping people business for over 30 years.  

It's my passion to see people overcome their obstacles. Whether it's painful belief systems from their past experiences or present day circumstance, I truly desire to see you shed the weight of limitation and experience complete wholeness that  leads to living life fully and successfully. Reframing the problem, tapping into solutions and motivating and energizing you to discover your greatest success is my goal!

I began my career helping people through non-profit organizations,  earning an Honorary Doctorate for life experience in my field.  I went into Life and Health Coaching training and earning certifications with some of the best mentors and programs.  My certifications are in two areas of special focus:  the first is Transformational Life Coaching and Solutional Coaching. The second in Health and Wellness Coaching focusing on Nutrition, Healing Leaky Gut and Hormones & Metabolism.  With years of professional experience and outstanding training combined with my own personal story, I bring to Coaching a synergy of expertise that benefits all my clients and heralds amazing lasting results in their lives.

Though I offer workshops, speak for conferences, have online courses, Clients are most dramatically transformed through one on one coaching.  This is  where discovery and transformation takes place on the most personal  and

individualized level and is long lasting!

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