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Young Living Essential Oils

Everyday we take in toxins through the processed foods we eat, personal care products, household cleaners, over the counter medications and even our nutritional supplements.  Google any of these and you will see a list of harmful side affects it is having not only on our health but our children's health and the generation to come.  But where do you start to reduce our intake?  The task can seem overwhelming!


What if I told you that you could start reducing you and your family's toxic load today by simply replacing some of your daily choices to reach for chemical based products with plant based products that actually support your body's natural healing and health process as well as being amazingly affective? 

Let me introduce you to Young Living Essential Oils!  

How can these bottles of Essential Oils change your health and life?  

These essential oils hold the healing essence of plants through Young Living's guaranteed pure seed to seal extraction process and with these basic bottles you can begin to replace daily products such as over the counter pain relievers, sleeping pills, anti-acids, cold medicines, muscle pain relievers as well as candles, air fresheners and sanitizers.  However, they are only the beginning of the journey into toxic free living.  Young Living has nearly a hundred oils and blends as well as an entire toxic-free line of products that one by one can begin to replace your existing products reducing your toxic overload!  Every one of these additional products have a base of essential oils.

If you are serious about better health for you and your family and you are ready to make the first step toward getting rid of the influence of chemicals on your well being,  you should know that Young Living has not only amazing product to offer but the support of a community of people just like you who are placing a high value on living strong, long and happy.  From the company's customer service, the person who introduced you to the products, to the network of excited people using them,  you will be supplied with direction on using the products, their benefits, inspiration of personal testimonies of better health and even "do it yourself" recipes!

How do I learn more or get the products?

If you are interested in learning more keep reading the information on the rest of this page, viewing the links provided, watching the video about the Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit what gives a 101 demonstration about using essential oils.    

Quick Facts!

  • There are over 100 essential oils in the Young Living product line

  • Each oil is therapeutic grade oil that boasts specific health supporting properties and can be used in everyday life for physical, emotional and functional uses.

  • Young Living has a household product line called Thieves, based on the Thieves Essential Oil. It includes Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Household Cleaner, Dishwashing Tabs & more!

  • Ningxia Red is Young Living's antioxidant supplement drink which features the wolf berry and other essential oils and plant based ingredients. 

  • Young Living features a full range of organic pure supplements including hormonal support, brain health, protein and digestive health.

  • Personal care products with essential oils and organic ingredients range from hair care to skin.

  • Special lines for children, pets, weight loss and active lifestyles are available

  • Young Living is a distributor based company. Purchases for products can be made through a distributor who introduces, educates and supports you- and that's me! Carmen! My enrollees # is 3354280 and you can contact me by email ( or phone 727-433-1986 or use the direct order link on this page!

  • Products can be purchased retail at full price or at a wholesale discount of 24% when you enroll by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit.

  • There are several Premium Starter Kits to choose from:  Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit, Thieves Household Products Premium Starter Kit & Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit.  

  • When you enroll with a Premium Starter Kit, share Young Living with three other people and they enroll, you will earn a bonus which we dub "three for free", as you then will have earned money back for your Kit!

Allow me to get you started with your order today!  Call me now!   727-433-1986

All About Your Premium Starter Kit

So many products!  Begin to change your and your family's path to better toxic free living

Contact me today!

Take a look at our newest line - just for kids called Seedlings....

There's a generation that is changing the approach to 

non-toxic Family and Home Health, so they

can live free from pharmaceutical dependence!

Millennial Moms and Dads are breaking from conventional chemical laden household & personal care products and giving their medicine cabinets a make-over. They are not only doing it for themselves but for the next generation!  It's happening one mom, one dad and one family at a time!

Join Our Team!

If you would like to learn more about Young Living as a company and how you can be a part of it's life changing mission click here.   With Young Living you not only experience greater health and vitality you also can find your own contribution in the lives of others while at the same time finding greater financial freedom every time you share Young Living with others!

Contact me today and I will help you take your first step toward Young Living!

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