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Life Transitions Sherpa Coaching

Transitional Coaching encompasses any major life change where you have left the familiar of life as you once knew it and have been catapulted into the unknown by choice or by force.   You find yourself unsure, discombobulated and at loss.   It's in times like these that feelings of isolation, hopelessness, depression, fear and anxiety can control your actions and decision making is stifled.   It's here that you must have a Sherpa, someone who has been that way before, knows the terrain and can help you navigate this unsure and seemingly hostile journey.

You need someone to help you keep your perspective, be reminded you can do this and give practical step by step actions.

  • Career Change 

  • Empty Nest and Next Chapters

  • Divorce or loss of spouse

  • Paradigm Shift

  • Financial Loss

  • Starting Over

I offer customized Coaching Tracks that range from short term 6-8 week Navigational Coaching to long term one year Reach the Journey Transitional Treks.

All Coaching begins with a complimentary Discovery Session where you and I can talk and discover not only if Coaching is right for you, but also an opportunity to decide which track is for you .

Carmen Lett Health Coach Wholeness Life Coach

"Releasing the Confident You

Personal Coaching" 

If you need to become more assertive, feel better about yourself, overcome negative beliefs, and establish or build your personal confidence, Coach Carmen has two Coaching systems to choose from.

  • Releasing the Confident You Online Workshop.  3 Video Workshop series you can take at your own pace online.

  • One on One Releasing the Confident You Personal Coaching with Carmen.


Check out the online course overview here on the website and purchase today!

Rock as a Success with Confidence!

Carmen Lett Health Coach Wholeness Life Coach

30 Day Success Map

90 Day Dream Builder


Invest in Your Success- call for your complimentary Strategy Session and Customization

Coach Carmen is your biggest cheerleader when it comes to your success.  Whether you are an Entrepreneur & professional or have specific dreams and goals you want to see accomplished OR you just need to get organized - this 90 Day Success Map will help you streamline your goals into doable action plans.  Coach will keep you accountable and motivated and celebrate every success no matter how easy, hard big or small!  Coach Carmen will also help you transform any negative focus or beliefs into empowered and possibility oriented motivators!



Contact Coach Carmen now for your complimentary  

Success Strategy Session Jumpstart your enrollment!

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